My grandmother and father circa. 1944.

       My grandmother and father circa. 1944.


Hello and thank you for visiting my shop. I am Richard Salazar the man behind "Salazar & Sons".

My father is my inspiration behind my brand and the reason I first had interest getting into leather crafting. My father would often talk about how he first wanted to be an upholsterer in his teenage years but already working in the Los Angeles produce market, he decided to abandon his dreams to make a living to support his growing family.

My father raised six sons including myself. I often wonder what would of became of him if he pursued his dreams. I named my company out of respect and honor of my father, brothers, and family past.

I have a background in art and graphic design. This brand is an avenue to fulfill my creative side and make a tangible form of art. Every product I create is a reflection of me striving for perfection.

I would like to say thank you to anyone who decides to join me on my journey of leather crafting, and I hope my products become a treasured part of your journey.